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Current Version: 1.0.1 released on 03/03/2008

A section to let Microsoft My Web Page Starter Kit share the same content between multiple page

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Why this module?

Finding an open source CMS (hence free) written in C# 2.0, which does not need a database to store data is not easy. On ASP.Net platform, there aren't so much solutions like per Linux platform, and Microsoft guy did a great job when they released the MWPSK.

But like for everything, also in this case something is missing, at least looking into this CMS there isn't a way to share the same content between multiple page.

What does this mean? Suppose for a minute that you have to include the same disclaimer for a set of pages. To do this, you must save the disclaimer once in a txt file, and then paste in the HTML section everywere you need it. But what if you have to update the disclaimer?

Are you able to manage the change in all files managed by the CMS?
Wanna you really to edit tons of files manually?

In a database driven CMS, this certainly won't a problem, but for a CMS that store its content into XML file, trust me, this certainly represent a matter.
So, whit a bit of code, here is the solution, obviously based on the work MWPSK team did and stored on CodePlex.

Why use this module?

Well you aren't obliged to use this module; but think to the example provided before or to a scenario like that; now try to give yourself an answer to this question. May I really need this module? but think to the example provided before or a scenario like that; now try to answer yourself about this question.
Do I really need this module? Probably your answer is positive, and also if you are unable to find out an immediate usage, why don't download it?
It's FREE, so you can get it without pay anything.

How to use this module?

To implement this module, differently for the SEO Extension, you don't know how to program in ASP.Net.
What you have to do is just copy some files into the appropriate folder, appen a bunch of lines into the resource file, and open http location of your MWPSK personal copy. That's all.

Have a look together how to paste the files contained in the zip downloadable at the end of the page (Please note that a txt file wihtin the current instruction is provided also into the zip file).

  1. Copy the StaticContent.ascx and StaticContent.ascx.cs into the ~/SectionControls;
  2. Copy the StaticContent.cs file into the ~/App_Code/Sections;
  3. Append the content of the StringRes.resx.txt file to the StringRes.resx file in the ~/App_GlobalResources and eventually to any other file you need to localize;
  4. You can enjoy the StaticContent section.


Here there is a zip file with the MWPSK Static Content module made on the original 1.1.4 version.
Please, note that the module has been written using some feature of the LINQ to XML, so you have to download the .Net Framework 3.5 to let your project run the Static Content module.

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1.0.0 - First release;
1.0.1 - Minor bug fixes: While deleting a content, the combo with the available file wan't updated, setup a string.empty value for the FCKEditor while creating a new file otherwise the editor propose cached data.

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